The Web Journal GolkondaJournal.com was established on 9th September, 2008 by Shaik Gouse Moddin who worked in Praja Shakti Daily, Andhra Jyothi, Andhra Prabha etc organisations having 13 years experience in journalism field with service  mind. Main aim for the establishment of The Web Journal GolkondaJournal.com is highlighting the good governance and true voice of people and founder cum editor of Journal from agricultural and teachers family who born in the remote area of Kurnool at Koilkuntla in A.P, India.The Web Journal takes responsibility to highlight the status of minorities in Azad-India  and giving moral support to protect minority rights, welfare, development in all aspects with secular and freedom of expression atmosphere.


In my journalistic experience, I have covered the local problems faced by the concerned area public of GHMC and city planning negligency, crime news, traffic problems, land grabbing news, and working class problems, environmental stories has given and will continue my efforts to file such kind of stories as well as good governance in my journalistic service.

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