Office of the Director
Dept.of Archaeology & Museums,
Govt.of A.P., Hyderabad.

Prof.P.Chenna Reddy, Director, Dept. of Archaeology & Museums, received the report from Sri Narendra Kuman Nanda, Chariman-cum-Mnaging Director, NMDC with regard to ‘Geophysical Survey’ conducted at Naubat Pahad, adjacent to Vidyaranya School, Saifabad, Hyderabad.

NMDC tean carried-out differential studies namely Geological studies, Topographic survey, Ground Resistivity Survey-vertical Electrical Sounding Method (VES) and Ground Magnetic Survey. NMDC found anomalies in the Shear Zone at multiples points VES-6 and VES-7. Topographic Survey, Magnetic profiles and technical studies reveal linear magnetic anomalies which could be due to presence of a shallow magnetic object/construction/iron sheet cavity. These anomalies could be situated at a depth of approximate 20 feet. The technical studies establish the existence of a structure at the depth of 18-20 feet on the hill area of Naubat Pahad. Smt.Chandana Khan, IAS, Principal Secretary, Y.A.T.& C(T) Dept. Govt.of Andhra Pradesh, states that the Government will form a Technical Committee very soon involving experts from Apex Bodies like ASI, NMDC, Remote Sensing Agency,NGRI, Dept. of Archaeology & Museums to study the report submitted and to decide the further course of action.

The Government is of the opinion that the necessary scientific exploration, like trenching shall be carried out only after the completion of exams for the school children are over.
Prof.P.Chenna Reddy