Illegal parking of cars belonging to a flat complex called
“Rise&view”apartment in double lines continuously on the GHMC road regular basis going on . It is the posh locality in the city, where VIP’S living in such place, the multy storied building illgally construction works allowed non stoply without GHMC permissions without parking space , opposite to 8-2-326/4 , road no 3, Banjara hills, Hyd. A apartment by name “rise in view “ constructed without parking lot.They are using GHMC road as their PVT property and making in convinence to neighbour VIP’S & their visitors .Rise&view apartment flat oweners &tenents having more than one four wheeler converted GHMC road illigelly for their vehicles parking lot. The central zone concern town planning officials off G H M C as well as additional commissioner planning kindly look in to matter and seize illegal parking vehicles mention below,Which are parked illegally on either side of the road on a regular basis in said locality.
AP10 AQ 5366 ,AP09 BZ -6862
AP 09 A6 6000 ,AP 28 AU 2632 AP 09 AY 4271
AP 09 BU 9400 ,AP 28 BK -7967
AP 28 AX 7800, AP 09 AH 9186
AP 09 CB 1124 ,AP 09 AQ – 8608
AP 28 AW 7631,AP 09 CA -4446

KA 01 MT 555
AP 25 J 5
AP 09 AS 3912
KA 04 MA 2425
AP 28 AR 4040
AP 28 BG 1387
AP09 BZ 0972
AP 09 BN 4400
AP29 AL -7